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#439807 - January 21st 2011 1:16 am Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork
nightmoves2 Offline

Registered: May 10th 2010 12:20 am
Posts: 83
Loc: Brockport, NY USA
OK, so as this long cold winter here in upstate NY drags along, I'm keeping myself busy collecting additional new items and planning several upgrades for NIGHTMOVES,my '75 Chevy G-20 "Shorty" As many of you know,the exterior of my van is rather plain with a few simple pinstripes and a logo on the rear quarters. Hoping to change all that by this summer...Have some quotes on a "full wrap" airbrushed mural from upper belt line up as well as the same idea done with a custom made vinyl graphic "mural wrap". Just looking for some thoughts,suggestions and HONEST opinions on this subject. Does a van look totally "cheesy" if the mural is done in something other than paint? Obviously I could never expect to win any type of "best paint" award with a vinyl-based mural. Is this "new age" technology of custom vinyl graphics and murals accepted or frowned upon in the show world? Just curious... I do like the idea of having a "lifetime" warranty on a vinyl mural for as long as I own the van and for about half of the expense of actual paintwork however don't really want to be laughed at if I go this direction. I will be adding some additional paintwork to the van regardless of which way I go with the mural.

Edited by nightmoves2 (January 21st 2011 1:18 am)
John & Debbie Piedmonte

NIGHTMOVES - '75 Chevy G20 "Shorty"

#439820 - January 21st 2011 7:41 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: nightmoves2]
Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!! Offline

Registered: June 10th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 12691
Loc: Burlington, On, Canada Eh !!!!
Depends what you can live with, both budget and happiness

Here is a full wrap, mostly seen on commercial vans.. This one belongs to a Vendor that goes to Van Slam in oHIGHo

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Ottawa Valley Vans
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#439836 - January 21st 2011 9:06 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!!]
GEORGI Offline
old hand

Registered: January 26th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 1398
Loc: NY
Well lets see there is a show that Chip Foose is on and they give these guys cars to build one team painted the car and the other team wrapped it Foose gave the team that painted it more points so as far as the show car scene I would think that answers your question. As far as my personal oppinion I think it would take away from your van and even if there is a life time warranty there only as good as long as the vinyl company is in buisness so I wouldnt count on that I say air brush all the way you cant get the depth out of vinyl that you can with paint. I hope this helps

#439837 - January 21st 2011 9:18 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: GEORGI]
Denim Offline

Registered: December 29th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 1962
Loc: Johnson City, New York, USA
I think vinyl can be made to look pretty cool. I'm sure you can get some slick designs using it. I certainly wouldn't condemn anyone for using it. I don't know much about it but I've heard "stories" about it trapping moisture and causing some body rot and harming the paint underneath. True or not I don't know. Personaly I would (and did) go with paint.
Upstate Vanners Van Club
2013 V.O.I.C.E.S. co-chairman
I may be getting older, but I REFUSE to grow up!!!
Old School's still cool!

#439854 - January 21st 2011 10:24 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: Denim]
heavy389 Offline

Registered: October 11th 2009 6:32 pm
Posts: 2688
Loc: New Jersey
Was wonderin same thing,seen some really nice wraps,an they a lot cheeper than airbrush thats 4 sure! grin

79 B-200

#439867 - January 21st 2011 11:27 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: heavy389]
Virtual Offline


Registered: December 27th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 5856
Loc: Toronto, Canada
John if an airbrushed mural is only twice the cost of a wrap I would suggest that you wait until you can afford the mural. I would have expected the price of a wrap to maybe be 1/4 the price of a mural.

Murals that are properly taken care of can last 30 years or more like Stallion's. I'm not sure how long you could expect out of a wrap. Even if they offer a lifetime guarantee that would just be to replace the wrap. I have a feeling you would be taking a fair amount of paint off if you needed to replace a wrap.

#439879 - January 21st 2011 12:27 pm Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: Virtual]
wookee Offline
carpal tunnel

Registered: April 14th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 7535
Loc: Joppa Md. U.S.A.
This is a new technology that vanners for a wide varity of reasons have been slow to warm up to.
I have looked at some wraps close up (mostly on commercial vans)on some the application of the wrap looked a bit cheezy
(wrap was cracked and peeling up around window edges),
othes looked pretty good to great.
Just like with a painted mural it is up to the graphic artist behind the keyboard to come up with a design you really like and the guys who apply it to the van and the way it is applied to the van to make it look right.
Allot of NASCAR teams use wraps so they can chance up graphics easier.
The younger tuner crowd seemed to have embraced the new technology.
Adhesives and the vinyl its self have came a long way.
My self I would be more worried about how the shine on the wrap will hold up and weather.The last thing you want is to invest in something like this and it turns out to be a far away beauty.
On the plus side if you get tired of the van the wrap can be removed and a blank slate can be handed off to the next owner.
I am just guessing on the last statement just because I have never seen a corporate van that has been striped of its wrap.
I have removed older decals from vans with good success and no damage to the factory paint.
If you do decide to go this route and it looks great.Your vanner friends will let you know it.
If it looks bad......Well they will let you know that too....

Its a "Van Thing"
A life style you have to LIVE to understand!

Vintage Chevy Van Club

#439891 - January 21st 2011 1:21 pm Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: wookee]
UTAH Offline

Registered: November 18th 2008 11:19 pm
Posts: 435
Loc: Indiana (chicago)
I think of airbrushing like a tattoo. Each one reflects the style of the owner, and the artistry/skill of the painter. Wraps can be done by anyone whith computer skills. I think it takes away from the idea of the individualism and artistry represented in the mural. But with vynil, you can change it up easier, and repair damage easier. I do know vynil has gotten much better. they used it on my boat and it still looks as good as the day it was put on, in 1999. She has been outside nonstop since new and it looks great. I think it is up to you more than anyone. Its your van, do with as you wish. If it makes you happy, it is worth it either way and don't worry so much about what other people think. You bought the van and paid for the custom work you like, whether or not I like it shouldn't be a factor at all.
If you are going to be a bum, you may as well be their king.

#440055 - January 22nd 2011 12:00 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: GEORGI]
nightmoves2 Offline

Registered: May 10th 2010 12:20 am
Posts: 83
Loc: Brockport, NY USA
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback! I spoke with my vinyl graphics guy again today. One of my major concerns is the overall look of "depth" to the finished product so I inquired about spraying clearcoat over the vinyl. Although I'm told it has been done,they do not recommend it and it would void any warranty. I will most likely be going with paint. My graphics guy is located in Victor NY and is the same guy who did my NIGHTMOVES logos I currently have. They do excellent work,I just don't think the vinyl mural wrap is for me! Their website is as follows if you want to check them out:

John & Debbie Piedmonte

NIGHTMOVES - '75 Chevy G20 "Shorty"

#440056 - January 22nd 2011 12:07 am Re: Custom printed vinyl mural "wrap" vs. air brushed mural & artwork [Re: Denim]
nightmoves2 Offline

Registered: May 10th 2010 12:20 am
Posts: 83
Loc: Brockport, NY USA
Thank you Denim! I really appreciate your thoughts! Especially coming from a guy who probably has one of the most beautiful custom painted vans in the country right now! I will most likely be going with paint.

Thanks again...
John & Debbie Piedmonte

NIGHTMOVES - '75 Chevy G20 "Shorty"

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