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#350579 - December 24th 2009 11:26 am Re: more medical adventures ***** [Re: on the road]
luna Offline
Master Baiter

Registered: September 01st 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 960
Loc: goin round in circles
The bp meds protect the kidneys from the ravishing diabeties gives them. When your sugar is high, the pressure is up and the blood is flowing quite quickly, thats why it hurts all over when its high.

Lite beer does not do a lot of damage, i did the research for years, just check your bloodsugar a lot when vanning, Its usually the food you eat or the mixers that raise your levels when drinking.

i lost my kidneys 10 years ago due to 30 something years of diabeties.
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#350631 - December 24th 2009 2:32 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: luna]
nautic1 Offline

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Registered: December 25th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 11249
Loc: Selinsgrove, PA USA
I am on Lisinopril for high BP which also helps with blood sugar. Is that the same you are on Howard?
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#350651 - December 24th 2009 4:45 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: Phoenix]
67Econo Guy Offline

Registered: March 27th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 1937
Loc: Pittsburgh
Merry Christmas Howard,glad to hear the great news,hope to see ya soon

#350667 - December 24th 2009 6:40 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: 67Econo Guy]
Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!! Offline

Registered: June 10th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 12712
Loc: Burlington, On, Canada Eh !!!!
Man, we turned into our grand parents, Hey what drugs are you on ??? and it ain't the usual. pot, hash, Quaalude's, uppers, downers, reds etc etc... either smile
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#352148 - January 03rd 2010 1:46 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!!]
wookee Offline
carpal tunnel

Registered: April 14th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 7557
Loc: Joppa Md. U.S.A.
One good thing is as far as carbs go.All food packages has a carb and sodium count on the back of them.
Both carbs and sodium affect your BP and Blood sugars
Start by reading every thing you have in the house right now.
See a dietitian/Doc and get a daily carb,sodium count going.
Once you have a goal read all of the packages you buy and try to stay in a daily range.

If you can afford it check you blood sugars as offten as you can.Every body is different.What effects me might not effect you.A blood pressure monitor is also a handy tool to have.
Once you figure out how the different food effect you then it will be easier to know what you can and cannot eat.
Keep a daily log of what you eat and how the food you ate affected your blood sugars and pressure.If you can get your self into a routine it will make things allot easier on you.

As far as the hard living goes.Thats not really the case.We as a society just eat all wrong.Cheap food is bad for you.Expensive food are better for you.We are flooed with cheap fast foods.So much that it is normal to eat bad /wrong.Untill problems arise.......

This is the tough side of Geezerisum.
Learn how to play the game and things will be alright....

Its a "Van Thing"
A life style you have to LIVE to understand!

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#352149 - January 03rd 2010 2:14 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: wookee]
on the road Offline

Vanner Extraordinaire

Registered: February 14th 2007 8:31 pm
Posts: 6259
Loc: Western suburbs of Chicago
Yup...Lisinopril is one of them...I have been watching, and caffiene seems to affect me, so I guess the Mountain Dew breakfasts must change!
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#352174 - January 03rd 2010 5:37 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: on the road]
LostSheep Offline

Registered: April 13th 2009 6:36 pm
Posts: 3464
Loc: Dixie, USA
Yeah!.....and stay away from Coop! Seems as tho he can't pass a "Burger Joint" without stopping & trying em. He's on a Quest. lol

#352179 - January 03rd 2010 6:33 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: LostSheep]
Suzie-BGfNY-IN Offline
Bad Girls from New York, Bad Western Inn in IN.

Registered: September 21st 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 6144
Loc: Franklin, IN USA
Quick and sleazy foods are bad--
good food does not have to be expensive--TRUST me on this one! It is not hard to have very good food at a reasonable price!

As a CDM, or in lay terms, a dietary specialist, I know this to be true. But, you cannot be lazy in preparing your meals. You can purchase a whole chicken--roast it--and REMOVE THE SKIN. The bad part of the meat is the dark meat because it is higher in fat--remove the skin and use a proper portion. The size of a deck of cards is the right amount of meat for a meal.

But, because I love you guys, I am going to give you a few tips that will help everyone looking to do better with their food intake.

1. Whole Grain breads and pasta--'multi-grain' means nothing, and there is no such thing as whole grain white bread. (If you read the ingredient list, it will say 'enriched'.)

2. Anything that says 'enriched' or 'refined' is out. Both of these things remove the good stuff and only put back some of what is good.

3. NO Soda of any kind!

4. Artificial sweeteners are not processed by the body as efficiently as 'sugars'.

5. Soft margarine is one molecule difference from plastic.

6. Good cooking methods are: Broil, grill, bake, steam, roast.

7. Olive oil, canola or safflower are the best oils to use.

8. Olives and avocados contain good fats.

9. Use caution when the box says 'fat free'. Fat make things taste good--so they have to use something else to make that happen, usually something from the sugar family.

10. What you eat can help or deter your vitamins or medications from working. Ie--caffiene prevents the uptake of calcium in the body, so if you take a calcium supplement, do not have any caffiene for two hours before or after the calcium pill.

11. If you want more help--I can help. It will be confidential and I can dial up your foods with your meds and nutritional requirements so you get the best use of your meds.

12. Go ahead--ask your doc about any of this--I know they will agree.

Edited by Suzie-BGfNY-IN (January 03rd 2010 9:23 pm)
Edit Reason: One correction and I left out a bunch of stuff!
Cherish your friends!
HUGGS to all!

#352346 - January 04th 2010 3:27 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: Suzie-BGfNY-IN]
LostSheep Offline

Registered: April 13th 2009 6:36 pm
Posts: 3464
Loc: Dixie, USA
Thanks Suzie! You're a doll! I just hope that others will listen and take heed. My wife is my caretaker. She does a lot of reading on diabetes & nutricion. We have been following the rules for quite a while (we try anyway!). It is HARD to do! Exercise is the hardest to do. I HATE exercise! smile Thanks again!

#352371 - January 04th 2010 4:30 pm Re: more medical adventures [Re: LostSheep]
Suzie-BGfNY-IN Offline
Bad Girls from New York, Bad Western Inn in IN.

Registered: September 21st 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 6144
Loc: Franklin, IN USA
No prob--I don't get into the exercise portion as I really like to concentrate on the nutritional side of things.
Ooops--forgot one biggie...

HFCS--high frutose corn syrup--is a hidden danger! It is in lots of things you wouldn't believe--like juice for one. One 4 oz glass of 102% juice is the healthy choice per day.

Lost Sheep--good for you guys! Make small easy changes first and the rest should fall right into place for you!
Cherish your friends!
HUGGS to all!

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