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#259892 - February 02nd 2009 4:00 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Gooch]
Suzie-BGfNY-IN Offline
Bad Girls from New York, Bad Western Inn in IN.

Registered: September 21st 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 6145
Loc: Franklin, IN USA
I put in a app at the nursing home up the street last week--had an ad in the paper for like 1 day. Today there were only 6 in the local paper. I called to check on the status of my app and they were bogged down because of the storm--maybe this week will be a better time for them to look it over.

Good luck to all job hunting!
Cherish your friends!
HUGGS to all!

#259900 - February 02nd 2009 4:11 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Suzie-BGfNY-IN]
Hoagie Offline

Registered: June 24th 2006 12:00 pm
Posts: 559
Loc: Lake Villa IL
i got canned 8 days before Christmas which really stunk because that place had a one week shut down with pay except I didnt get it of course

#259916 - February 02nd 2009 5:19 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Hoagie]
Wizard78 Offline
Supreme Master

Registered: August 20th 2008 10:14 pm
Posts: 17160
Loc: Virginia
Yea I would like to have a Patch also
Everyday above ground is a Good Day!!!
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#259919 - February 02nd 2009 5:41 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Wizard78]
quiet1 Offline

Registered: June 06th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 2007
Loc: NJ
I ve been involved in the past in hiring... company even made me take a 2 day class in interviewing.

Couple suggestions...
in the top of your resume, make sure you say everything you need to say in those 1st three SUMMARY lines... lots of hiring folks dont even look past that... industry key words are important but so is personal excitement... (who do you hire when they are all rocket scientists with perfect grades).

Make sure you put action and value to what you did...
example: worked making vans
vs. worked making vans where I did this and it saved the company millions.

Spend some time now getting training...
Look to create your own job (start a business).
change careers... health area hiring... engineers wanted...
health computer field needs... solar? energy?

Just trying to help... take some steps to better yourself..

Make sure there are no typos, spelling errors....
2014 and no more Econolines made... market blunder. The last new 2014 econoline to go to a vanner - DEADLAST
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#259931 - February 02nd 2009 6:34 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: quiet1]
Tom Offline

Registered: March 02nd 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 198
Loc: Burlington, Wi
I am thankful that i still have a job. I hope people can still afford to buy chocolate. We have had a few layoffs but people have been coming back to work. Right now is our slow time anyway. They did let go of a few engineers and office people though.

Good luck too all of you in search of income.

Edited by Tom (February 02nd 2009 6:35 pm)

#259934 - February 02nd 2009 6:47 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Tom]
GreyBeardsGhost Offline

Registered: June 01st 2008 6:54 pm
Posts: 2273
Loc: Texas
I'm afraid this is going to get worse before it gets better. It's good to be able read the support of my fellow vanners. Keep the tips coming and share your thoughts. We need all the help and support we can get. A lot of vanners are getting impacted by this. Best wishes to you all. I know some have already been dealing with it for a long time now and hope you are among the first to get new jobs.
Texas 2%

#259942 - February 02nd 2009 7:03 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: GreyBeardsGhost]
Charley Olenak Offline
old hand

Registered: August 22nd 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 1016
Loc: Vancouver Wa.
Hi to all Sorry to here about Fizz, well see you in Mo. in May, Suzzie I can use help here with this mess I call a appt , BUT I do ot pay maileage . Love you, all ways have
always well. Charley

Don't let it be forgot that once
there was a spot for one brief
shining moment that was know
as Camelot

#261004 - February 07th 2009 1:50 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: Charley Olenak]
ronnierat Offline

Registered: January 07th 2007 7:34 am
Posts: 534
Loc: Enfield,Ct 06082
I know I've learned one thing since I've been laid off.Who my friends are...seems seeing how I'm not making good money now not alot of my "so called" friends call me any more.See if I around when they need me.
1964 Chevy van G10

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Member Narragansett Van and Panel truck

#261034 - February 07th 2009 5:08 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: ronnierat]
on the road Offline

Vanner Extraordinaire

Registered: February 14th 2007 8:31 pm
Posts: 6259
Loc: Western suburbs of Chicago
When the van shop closed, I started driving for a courier sevice. I am an independent contractor, so no employee benefits, but we are members of NICA, an association of Independent couriers, and they offer insurance and quarterly tax escrow. Anyhow, there is plenty of work, if you want to work, pretty much unlimited hours, 7 days a week. We are extremely busy. Being o commission has its moments, but I ended January making 35% more than my monthly average for 2008. It's a lot of driving, but that's OK. The deliveries can be done in a car or whatever, so you don't need to beat up your vanning van. They have affiliates all over the's a link to their phone number

Edited by on the road (February 07th 2009 5:14 pm)
"Nickels and Dymes"
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#261075 - February 07th 2009 10:26 pm Re: Unemployed Vanner Van Club [Re: on the road]
quiet1 Offline

Registered: June 06th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 2007
Loc: NJ
Network... Network... Network...

I encourage you to Network with everyone you know.

The best way to get a job is via someone who has an opening where they work. They know you... they can go to bat for you.

This is where you make the contacts... you do want a job... you do want to eat and keep the roof over your head. So now start making contacts.

You need a vehicle to track who you contacted, when and what was said... I cant remember all the people I talked to yesterday let alone a week ago...

What I found worked for me in the past was:
I created a computer text file to track all my job related stuff...
- Contacts... Name Phone Address
- Web sites... Monster etc. list all the web sites and track your visits... what you found... what you did...
- Contact with contacts.... by contact (so you can see when you spoke and what was said. And most importantly - so you can follow up.)
. Jan 1 09' - Spoke w/ so and so 1... Told them I am out... I am seeking... Anything ... nothing... what can you do for me... know of anything... keep me in mind... dont be a stranger... Can I send you a resume? Look it over and give me suggestions... Can you forward my resume... Can you ask around for me?
. Jan 14 09 - Spoke w/ so and so 1 again... told them I am still looking... anything ... any suggestions... I need a job... really appreciate anything you can do to help.
Last time we spoke you mention maybe talking to bla bla bla did that go anywhere? Dont press but dont sit back... be interested...
. So this goes on and on... track each contact and conversation so you know where it went... you can follow up. email also...
Dont call on them every minute...every day... use discretion. Chase the leads... Some you call upon more often than others... some you let go 2 weeks... Dont let lead go... If they think they have something, try to get them to commit to calling you back... If you dont hear back you need to call them... and thank them.
. ACTION... Identify action items in RED so they stick out. Make sure you take action and close out the item. Action: Keith needs a resume for CEO position by noon.
Completed: Sent email and resume to Keith 1/1/09.
Next Steps: bla bla bla

- I was surprised at how many people I had contacted and how many conversation I had going on. There is no way to remember all this... Not every one is going to click. You just need 1 job.
- I tracked every resume I sent.
- I tracked every job I was interested in.
- I had a resume collection... You tailor your resume to fit the job description...
- You suck it up and state your case. Remember you need the job so you must take the steps. You must make the contact. You must keep the contact going. Be professional and dont complain... be friendly...

- Create a calendar and schedule appointments/phone calls ect. Make the next time you are to call someone. Mark when you last called. do this one for example:
Jan 2: spoke w/ ken xyz
Jan 10: Need to call ken xyz.
Last spoke Jan 2.
Track the conversation in the text file also.
It becomes a management game.

In between calling everyone you know and looking... brush up on your skills. Go and brush you teeth. Go to the book store and read how to get a job book. Find what more you can do. There is no idle time to delay. There is always something you can do.

Call those people you havent spoken to in years but work with or did work with. They may not have a job for you today but when one comes up they may plug for you.

With each action, you increase your probability of getting a job. It is like tossing darts... Throw one and hit a bullseye... throw a hundred and hit a bullseye... Which is better.

Then just like a dart throw. You adjust as you go... a little higher... a little lower... a little harder.

Hang in there. But take action... Getting a job is a full time job with overtime... the pay sucks...

2014 and no more Econolines made... market blunder. The last new 2014 econoline to go to a vanner - DEADLAST
How many mid ford vans can 1 man own? Don't ask stupid questions...
My chopped mid ford will be painted black till they make a darker color.
Grind to Grind... Hot metal will abound the land... IceAge II 'The MeltDown'
My 3D printer will produce a life size 1969 mid ford in 2031... Wait and see...

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