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Well, as we all know, we need to think inside the box. Over come and adapt. I've been looking for swivel seat base for my right front bucket. Something to face towards the back once I've checked into an event.

As the few of you who know me, I love to use as many stock OE parts as I can. For me it makes it look like it could have been. During the late '70 & early '80s Chrysler offered factory front seat swivel bases. So I prolly wont rest until I find the one that I want.

Until then, I won't cut that corner that I have drawn. But.. I really want to turn that front seat around. Then it hit me like a frozen beer upside the head.. unbolt the seat from the stock base and turn it around.

It took me all of two minutes.

Makes sense to me Chuck...maybe just use big wing nuts and lock washers to make it even easier ...... cheers

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