Looking good Richard !
I was thinking of taking some Tig welding classes my self , i'm sure you can't do more then a half inch at a time . But don't hold me to that .
I'd like to watch some one do a side pannel some day or a patch pannel with a Tig .I have seen tig welding done to steel and stanless parts but not a full pannel where it may warp .
The new roof pannel looks good , and the side ports are cut out very nice . They must have a very good nibbler ?
I'm in the market for a new nibbler my self .
As for a chop keep your eyes pealed ,I saw one in Cali three years ago i lost the number for the seller . As far as i know it's still in that garage I was about a grand short at the time and needed another grand to bring it home .
I managed to scrape up the money with overtime and selling junk i had collected but by then wifey had cleaned the desk up nd i lost the number to the garbage dump .
Needless to say my desk does not get cleaned anymore till i do it ... LOL