Thanks for all the comments.

I was really surprised when he said he would be Tig welding. He said you get very little to no warpage and a better seam. Just takes longer to do.

Yes the side pipes are staying. I really do like they way these pipes look. My dad had a set on his '69 Dodge Charger back in the day.

The bubble sunroof had to go on. What is a 70's van without anything bubbled.

Working 6hrs. a day the van must look great. Any pics!!

They got the firm feel gear box in and he said it made a world of a difference. You actually feel like you turning wheels at the other end of the steering wheel. The looseness and how do you put it, the Mopar steering is firmed up!!

Well thanks again for taking the time to comment. Post more pics as it moves along. We are working out the final stages. At that point may hold back pics til he is done with the last few stages. Want to post it done, then the pics of the last stages if you know what I mean. But it has a little ways to go before that.

It is better to have Van'd once in your life, then to never had Van'd at all!