draggnastro; Thanks!! Why can't you fix up your '87. It's a '78 with the numbers transposed. So there you have it. Time to get to work on her!!

Superbeast; Thanks!! They told me it will be cut to exact size and Tig welded completely in. Then when the bead is ground down there will be very minimal, if any filler to use.
That's how they did the side panels and looking at the untouched area inside it looks like the panel was original.
The original panels removed had the ports intermittently brazed welded and then body filler to cover the rest. That's why it started cracking and I could see the out line of the windows.
Matt at Department of Customz told me by using a Tig welder there is less chances of warpage and gives a good solid weld. So far it holds true. The side panels look great!! The pics are of them with the welds just ground down and primered. There going to fix the imperfections when they do all the other body work.

It is better to have Van'd once in your life, then to never had Van'd at all!