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August 23rd 2014 10:15 am LAKE GEORGE by Knighty

IT,S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR.....for our annual 2 week "vacation" at the campsite in Lake George, NY.....We always enjoy our time there when we campout at the Battleground State Campsite just across the road from the Prospect Mt. Diner....There are boat tours, miniature golf, dining out,campfires ,friends and more...While it isn't a van event by any means , the second week is the time for the Adirondack Nationals car show....Rods, customs, classics and occasionally a van spend their time cruising up and down the streets....Being a child of the 50's I am very familiar with the old cars and trucks of those days and enjoy seeing them again.....The show it self is limited to about 1600 vehicles....
We'll be at site #13. You'll find us often in lawn chairs along the road.....Most of the campers will be there as well.....

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August 20th 2014 12:02 pm SUPER SOMER 8 by Knighty

How long have we been attending van events at Somers CT ? In looking at my dash plaque display I see that we went to Boogie Bash in 1988 and have attended ever since.. The event was renamed Super Somer years later when the event was taken up by Altruk Vanners. It has always remained one of our favorite van events...And as the years went by weather was less than perfect, causing some of us to call the run Boogie Splash, and then Super Soaker...This years event can only be called perfect !

We were initially disappointed to see that the potato vendor was not present , but when we discovered the other food vendor our dining problems were all solved... We tried quite a few items, and it was all good...In addition there was another vendor doing hotdogs, fried dough, ect..We hope these guys will be there again next year....As will we !!

Jeff told me recently that Lucy and I no-longer walk around at night and visiting other sites....He is right ! Our new system is that we go down to vendors row, grab a table and stay there for the night...Sooner or later everyone will come by and we get to see them..Some folks we see only once or twice.. For example I well remember spending many hours at the shrimp guys booth in years past and there was always a crowd there.

There were all the usual things happening..The van show, the light show, all the games and hoopla... Our group, Artie,Gail,Jim ,Linda, Lucy and I were camped up in our usual corner.

WE found many things to our liking...the event shirts, the fliers, and the people who we seldom get to see...Hi there Johnny O ! I am no great expert on music but my sources tell me that Saturdays band was better than Fridays.....Sounded OK to me , but then we were outside of the band building...The weather was perfect and a pleasant surprise from past years...There WAS a warning of possible hail Thursday evening, but it failed to materialize...BUT I hasten to say the event was not yet officially open...

But then it was time to go and we packed up , said goodby to our friends and headed south for an hour until we got to the giant flea market at the Mansfield drive-in...It was packed !We spent several hours looking around, got hot-dogs and birch beer at the food booth , and then headed north again on Rt 32 which I have named the Deuce Highway...Stafford Springs, Palmer MA, Northampton , Greenfield where we used to attend Family Affair, across the Mohawk Trail, went by the Washington County Fairgrounds where I understand there is a great truck-in on Memorial Day...`And on we go...

WE stopped for an evening meal at Scotty's Truck stop at exit 16 off the Northway where we met up with fellow club member Lester Croft who we will be seeing in a few weeks at the Lake George show....We will be taking up site 13 at the Battleground campsite starting this Sunday..You'll find us at times sitting in lawn chairs along the road, enjoying some refreshing beverages, and watching the customs and rods run up and down the hill...

WE finally arrived back in Saranac Lake at 10:30 ....

Next stop- Keystone Madness - Sept 19-22- at Summit Station PA. See ya' there !....TIETIS.

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July 29th 2014 10:48 am TROPHYS by Knighty

I HAVE been lucky over the past 37 years to collect a sizable amount of trophies....There are many kinds in my collection, not counting the huge number I have given away...Some are tall and constructed from nicely finished wood...One tall (48" high) Best of Show trophy was turned into a floor lamp by the simple expedient of removing the top statue and replacing it with a light socket and a van lampshade.....

Years ago, when our club started the Class Act series Lucy and I would purchase the Best of Show award which was a silver champagne bucket- suitably engraved and yes it included a bottle of champagne......Eddie Fucci won it one year and it was always his favorite trophy... When our club hosted the 19th Nationals the trophies were Lazar engraved wood plaques.....

Now we come to the awards for the 42nd National Truck-In, hosted by Vanners for Vanners...These plaques are some of the coolest van awards I have ever seen. They are: 12 x 14 inches in size.. The main part is a hand cast montage utilizing the Halloween theme of monsters, pumpkins and a van that is very heavy and cast in plaster or ceramics....The wood is black and features the event plaque and a plate with the designation on it.( Mine says Oldest Vanner !)..I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that Dave Desaulniers cast all these emblems late at knight after completing his daily chores.....Great Job Dave !!!...

Thanks once more to ALL the people who worked so long and hard to put on an outstanding event ! TIETIS.....

360 Views · 2 Comments
July 23rd 2014 4:39 pm THE 42nd NATIONALS by Knighty

We have just returned from the recent natz at Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich NY, hosted by Vanners For Vanners....This was a GRRREAT (as Tony the tiger would say) event...even the weather co-operated this time...We arrived Sunday before the event and found a field half full as people arrived for the warm-up portion of the event.... When all was said and done we had an attendance figure of between 590-600 vans ......

What is it that makes a national event so special ? Much of the format is the same as many other runs. There are games, shows, bands, contests, and a group of happy campers ....but they are on a smaller scale. The nationals consist of probably 3-4 times as many participants...vans and vanners arrive from all points across the country as well as a smattering of some of the foreign countries ....They travel at great expense just to take place in our events...For many it is an adventure of a lifetime....

As many of you know it takes a LOT of work to put on a van run and when it is the natz the work is tripled...I won't name the folks who worked so long and hard to host this event...If you were there you know who they are and if you weren't then it's too late ..........

There were a few truly outstanding vans lined up in the van show including Coop's amazing Dodge shorty, Scott Croft's radical mid-Ford with the cathedral interior, Mike Mosher's stunning Dodge "Machina",Don Noone's perfectly built Ford "Pirates of the Caravan" and many more. But the van that drew the most attention {it was parked n vendors row) was Marty Soobie's latest creation..It features such things as an interior with a toilet, bed and shower and much tech hardware but it's main attention getter is the fact that the whole front of the van tilts forward ! Not just the hood, not just the engine compartment but the whole van cab and all!!!! Marty has built a number of sophisticated customs over the past years...His first being Utopia and this one- his best effort so far...He also builds high class hot rods in his shop in Texas, and I am sure we will be seeing more of his creations in the future.....

The one thing I enjoy most is getting to visit with old friends who I usually see only once a year...I have been doing this van thing since 1977 and have made many friends in that time...I was very happy to see my long-time friend George Kettell receive the "Vanner Appreciation award'..George wrote articles for many years in the van magazines of the time and in 1977 he penned the definitive history of the 2% movement....I have a copy here in my tiny office.......

I spent a lot of time - since I was not a member of the staff - visiting some of my many friends over the 7 day period. This was accomplished by hanging out along vendors row, enjoying some treats from the vendor booths and listening to the bands....

My thanks go out to the many people who worked so hard to make this an OUTSTANDING National event....As George Bush would say- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED .....TIETIS

207 Views · 1 Comments
July 21st 2014 10:38 am thanks! by Astro

First, I would like to thank everyone that but t shirts and stickers last week. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Secondly, thanks to everyone that tuned and watch the virtual nats last week. Every year has its unique challenges, but I think we get better every time we do it.
I was very happy with the upgraded software and hardware that I used, the new website was a lot better, much better and a lot less dropped connections.

I have been informed that next year there will be ample internet in multiple locations so that I can stream from the other areas around the grounds.

I will be posting some of the photos I took once I have time to start editing and going through them.

128 Views · 2 Comments
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