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Jason the original owner purchased the Chev Astro Panel Van brand new in 1985 from McPherson Chev Olds in North Bay ON Canada. I purchased it from him in July 1989. It came with recliner seats, arm rests, power windows, door locks, cruise, power steering and power breaks.
August 1993 Wayde's Custom Paint applied the colour change to an exotic purple pearl, a specially blended Dupont base/clear by H.E. Brown Auto Refinishing. Little John's Custom Paint and Air Brushing produced the striking murals on sides, front and rear based on supplied art. Then Wayde applied the final clear coat. The van is named Ghostrider after the theme Ghost Riders in the Sky.
Modifications over the years include tilt steering, Energy bushings on front suspension, Billet phantom grill, Stillen ground effects, shaved front bumper, pedal covers, and over head console. Ayer's Automotive tinted the windows leaving a dark bar along bottom of front windshield. Halogen driving lights in front spoiler, HID6000 head lights with blue halo rings inside crystal cut lenses. Custom signal light covers, wiper cowling and battery cover. V tech French cut tail light covers & sun visor by Hank's Custom Fiber Glassing. An Intrepid spoiler with brake light mounted on the back roof, sun roof, custom rear door license plate cover that hides the door handle. Kelly 235 x 60R 15' tires on the front and 245 x 60R 15'on the rear, mounted on AR#23 American Racing wheels, 7 inch front and 8 inch rear from OK Tire.
Foam insulation lines the van for body panel strength and noise reduction. Walls, back doors sliding door and two front door panels are finished in green velour. The dash, sofa, overhead console, seat belt clips, lowered pedestals and captain's seats are covered in faux suede with the Ghostrider logo embroidered on both head rests. Edging along doors and trim are covered in gray fabric. The vinyl on the dash and front door panels is dyed purple. There is rustic hardwood flooring in the back, purple carpet up front and behind sofa. Along one wall is a customized barrel bar with a mirror above it with "SALLOON" on it, beside that is a cabinet housing an Inverter 12 volt to 120 volt with 12 volt switches and fuses for interior. A light over the cabinet is engraved with "Ghostrider". Theatre lighting lines step at sliding door, LED lighting under the valences and under the sofa, these being reflected by small mirrors. Opening the back doors reveals a mirror mounted below the bed with "Ghostrider" etched across it. Mock etchings done by See More Graphics. A Garmin GPS and Farenheit head unit with TV screen is mounted up front. A second monitor with inputs for an X Box or other electronics is mounted on the back cabinet. A SPL 340 power amp for two 12" speakers mounted under the sofa. Two single 3'' tweeters mounted in back corners and two 6x9 Clarions under the dash.
The engine is an aspirated 4.3/ 4 barrel with K&N air filter. A performance shift kit was installed on the transmission and differential gears were changed from 308 to 373. The intake manifold, valve covers, coil springs, calipers, dust shields and brake drums are painted to match. The 2" drop front and 3.5" rear was achieved using BELL Tech drop spindles, flip kit and Nitro drop shocks. Add to that a custom built 2" exhaust system, one in two out, with tips.
I would like to thank Jim Campbell, Wayde's Custom Paint, John, Little John's Air Brushing, Randy at H.E. Brown. Beaver & Floyd at P&G Auto Parts, Shane & Crew at OK Tire, Glen at The Steering Wheel, Wes at Regional Spring, Greg & Rolly at See More Graphics, Chip & crew at Ayer's Automotive, Larry's Upholstery, Dan at DBSL Pro Sound & Lighting, Gil, Richard, Gregg & Dave & friends at Party Time Custom Vans, Doug Virtual Vanner and my partner Carol. I would like to say a GREAT BIG THANKS to all of you.
There is some one who I would like to dedicate Ghostrider to. A very close friend who has passed on and greatly missed. Who started vanning with me in the beginning and helped build all my vans including much of Ghostrider. To a friend forever John Palangio "KEEP ON VANNIN''

Stephen Marleau

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